3d business man presenting concept of about us isolated white backgroundI am lucky enough to be 6’ 9”. But before I hit my growth spurt as a kid, I was a walking twig. And older kids at my school took great delight in chasing me. I was usually quick enough to avoid them (the advantage of being light!), but the experience has always stuck with me.

Later in life, I learned about another kind of bullying: people using their knowledge or position to coerce those who did not know their rights. I saw people claiming the law was X when it was really Y, and because my friends did not know the law—and could not afford an attorney—they had no meaningful choice but to go along.

That is why I became a lawyer. Whether it is family members trying to thwart the wishes of the departed, the IRS attempting to seize property, or just dealing with the alien landscape Probate seems like, I will defend you from being bullied.

When I am not working, I can be found teaching calculus and computer science, playing on-line games with my Dad and my daughter Katie, or hiking with my beloved wife Kathryn. As you can see, I married way out of my league!

Attorney Harris County Attorney Robert Jewett and His Wife